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At IQ Education Consultants we make sure that all the education resources we have are available to students. For this purpose, we have developed articles aimed at helping students who want to know about foreign education and career counseling. In addition to this, we also offer assistance during the selection of course as well as college.

Is overseas education expensive?

The cost of education in a foreign land depends on the choice of country as well as the education course you wish to pursue. Further, the choice of institution also affects the overall cost of an education program. Nevertheless, scholarships are also available for students with excellent academic or sports background.

Career counseling:

Choosing the right career option is necessary for every student. Career counseling is essential to help students explore diverse career options according to the student’s preferences and interests. Counselors determine a student’s abilities by testing their aptitude and suggest the right course accordingly. Career counseling is a valuable tool in determining the right course depending on the current market scenario.[Coninue Reading]

Education consultants:

From choosing the right course to selecting the institution, educational consultants help students with every aspect of career building. In addition to these, they also help prospective students with visa as well as scholarship application. As they are in regular touch with educational bodies and college managements, they can suggest good colleges according to the student’s personal preferences.[Coninue Reading]

The right college:

Selection of the right college is as important as the selection of the right course. There are numerous criteria that can help a student in this process. A student can choose a college depending on its location or other amenities available there. The course options also determine the choice of a college.[Coninue Reading]


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