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Study In China

The largest population, thousands of years of rich culture and heritage, well defined practice in medicine, more than 56 ethnic groups and 5 languages to offer, China has seen rapid development in the past 20 years. Already known as the business hub of the world, this country offers great opportunities for students aspiring to have a well crafted career.Chinese people are warm and they love playing host to guests from a variety of nations.


China has been an adored destination by tourists for more than 10 years now. Offering its rich heritage mixed with the modern Chinese culture, in turn providing people with a warm, hospitable and a rejuvenating experience in all. We, at IQ Education believe that China has become a super power in a minutetime frame. Hostof The previous Olympics and a dependable nation for parents they can easily opt for their children tostudy in China.

Education In China

China is host to more than 230,000 international students from more than 50 countries from around the globe as per the Ministry of Education Of The People’s Republic of China. With over 950,000 students seeking higher education in China, there are various courses from which a student can choose the courses being offered by 660 schools, colleges and universities.


China stepped on the global front in the year 1978, where the government opened the doors for higher education for foreign students. In all 2310 institutes comprising of various colleges, universities and schools offer an endless list of courses to students. The Chinese government is the overall in charge of the education scene in this country. There is a strong focus on sending students and teacher to foreign universities, enabling them to gain knowledge which can be imparted later in this this great country. Also, China has a hefty traffic of around 40,000 faculties from around to world keen on learning their ways and working methods. China is known around the world for its study and excellence in practicing Chinese medicine.

China has witnessed a steady growth in its infrastructure and information technology sectors over a period of 10-15 years. Chinese people are precise, well mannered, learned and great teachers. The quality of education is controlled by the Chinese ministry of education which has strict laws and procedures in place for both Chinese and foreign students.

2310 Colleges, universities and schools offering more than thousands of courses, make a student's choice easier to study in China. Students can opt to study medicine, engineering, MBA, architecture, Chinese language, MBBS etc. All the courses are available for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.


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China is a mixture of discipline and flexibility. There are a lot of activities present in the universities for students to participate in. With a large number of foreigners studying in China, it has a strong student union comprised all the races in the world. So it's not difficult for a child to settle down in China, once he decided to study there.


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The application procedure followed by the most of the college and universities is:

Eligibility for Undergraduate Courses
  • Relevant school leaving certificate
  • Minimum first class marks in the final examination taken
  • Character certificates
  • Letter of recommendation
  • IELTS and TOEFL scores are accepted
  • Maximum age of 25
Eligibility for Postgraduate courses
  • Bachelors degree in the specific field.
  • Good academic in graduation program
  • A well written statement and essay
  • Scores in TOEFL and IELTS are accepted.
  • Certificates for extracurricular achievements.
  • Maximum age of 35
  • Good GMAT scores in case of a management aspirant

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Tuition Fee

To study in China would cost you around :3,500 -8,000 USD/year


China is not very expensive in to live in, The living cost for students range between 300 - 500USD/ month. The assumption includes their living, clothing, Fooding and living styles. There are options of dormitories, flats, shared apartment etc. to make to life easier for a struggling student.


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Undergraduate courses – Bachelor’s Degree – 3 - 4 years


Postgraduate course - Masters Degree takes around 2 - 3 years


Doctoral - Depends on the area of research, from 2-5 years


Diploma - 6 months – 2 years, depending on the course.


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There are 2 major intake months for admission in colleges and universities in China. Transfers are also possible during that time during the months of September and February. Some colleges and universities also offer 3 intakes in one academic year.


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