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Study in Russia

The largest country on Earth, Russia has a population of just over 145 million people. 80% of the entire population is comprised of people from Russian descent. A mixture of people from European countries, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Australia etc. form another major part of the population. Tourists are attracted by a diverse collection of arts and literature prevailing in a pleasant climate to suite and comfort people of all backgrounds.


The universities in Russia have a mixed bag of more than 160 ethnic groups comprising of students from around the world. IQ Education consultants have a great deal of knowledge about studying in Russia. For a long time now we have been helping students to study here in various disciplines making them achieve their dreams.

Education In Russia

Set to host the 2014 Olympics, Russia has a solid and a dependable reputation in the world. The degree being awarded in Russia is recognized throughout the world. More than 650 universities offer a chance of learning to a staggering 185,000 foreign students at any given time. With 80% of universities under government control and funding, studying in Russia is cheaper than other study locations. A lot of universities offer expert courses and have existed for more than a 100 years and are ranked in the top 100 top universities around the world.


The higher education in Russia is promising as 80% of the teachers, lecturers and professors hold a PhD in their own specialized fields. Russia is world renowned for its efforts in medicine and fundamentals in applied science.

With modern laboratories, infrastructure and testing centres, Russia has to offer a quality study curriculum which in turn attracts the best and the most potent students to study in Russia. Regardless of the local Russian language, majority of lectures are delivered in English keeping the foreign students in mind.


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Students have the ball in their court while choosing their desired study course from Russia. They can choose from over 650 universities and endless professional colleges offering under graduation, post graduation and doctorate programs. Russia Specializes in Medicine, arts and literature, engineering, law, MBA, Bsc etc.


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Russia has to offer a variety of courses ranging from full time courses to part time, distance learning and professional diploma courses. The mode of learning depends entirely on a student and his comfort.


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The application procedure followed by the most of the college and universities is:

Eligibility for Undergraduate Courses

  • Relevant school leaving certificate
  • Minimum first class marks in the final examination taken
  • Character certificates
  • Letter of recommendation
  • IELTS and TOEFL scores are accepted
  • 1 Year bridge program and pass the assessment test for admission in graduation.
  • Must fulfil the age criteria

Eligibility for Postgraduate courses

  • Bachelors degree in the specific field.
  • Good academic in graduation program
  • A well written statement and essay
  • The minimum of 70% scores in TOEFL and IELTS
  • Certificates for extracurricular achievements.
  • Acceptable GMAT scores in case of a management aspirant
  • Minimum 16 years of education.

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Tuition Fee

To study in Russia would cost you around :4,000 - 10,000 USD/year


Students have various options for availing financial aids. Scholarships, loans, sponsors and other various methods are at a students disposal.


Russia is expensive to live in, The living cost for students range between 500– 800 USD/ month. The assumption includes their living, clothing, Fooding and living styles. There are options of dormitories, flats, shared apartment etc. to make life easier for a struggling student.


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Undergraduate courses – Bachelor’s Degree – 4 - 5 years


Postgraduate course - Masters Degree takes around 2 - 3 years



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A session in Russia lasts for 10 months and two months are dedicated to project work and fresh intake. Every university has its own standards of admitting students from different countries. There are mostly two semesters in the Russian education system, in September to January and then February to June.


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