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Summer Programs at IQ Education Consultants

Summer programs give students the opportunity to learn beyond the prescribed syllabus and help them pursue their passion. Summer programs are known to embed boundless exposure in foreign educational establishments. Whether you are looking for a summer program to explore your interests or seeking college credits, we help you in finding the right program to set you apart from other students besides giving you an everlasting experience in the particular field. If you are looking for something challenging to do this summer, join our undergraduate students in top universities and colleges in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


These summer programs give you the opportunity of exploring your interests in the practical and innovative manner while providing you a taste of the happening campus life in leading universities of Washington, Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Here are some of the summer programs we offer-

  • Academic program in Forensic sciences: This program helps in enhancing your knowledge in the field of crime investigations. Various guest lectures are given by top detectives who have been successful in cracking the mystery behind several cases. Special agents from the FBI’s evidence team and professionals from the forensic department also share their experiences in solving cases. This program also allows students to solve an on-campus murder mystery using forensic sciences, justice procedures and cutting-edge investigation technology.[Coninue Reading]
  • Leadership skills in personality development program: Developing leadership skill is the need of the hour in today’s world. This program helps students to cultivate essential ethics and build partnerships. Other aspects of the personality development program include decision making, leadership methods, moral leadership and government leadership. IQ also offers a Young leaders program that gives students the opportunity to work with likeminded people besides revamping their English skills. Another program known as the new perspectives program consists of guest lectures, cultural visits and refreshing classes. As the name suggests, this program offers young international students learn innovative study methodologies in an intellectual ecosystem.[Coninue Reading]
  • The art of film direction: This program offers an extensive hands-on experience in the field of direction. This guidance is provided by highly trained professionals in the film industry. This program exposes the students to skills that are required to become a director, producer, photographer or an editor. Acquaintance with all these features helps students to create films and work with fellow students in the same field. Students also get the chance of working with actors and other professionals in the film industry, allowing them to attain first-hand experience of the film making process.[Coninue Reading]
  • Adventure sports and fun camps: At IQ Education Consultants gives you the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of games in different countries. We also offer water sports at fun camps in the USA and the UK. Water rafting, ice skating, rope courses, bouldering, mountaineering, trekking are all included as part of this program. In fact, IQ offers an endless list of recreational facilities in different international territories.[Coninue Reading]
  • Internships and short visits: Summer programs are also available in the form of internships where students are given the opportunity of working in a company for a brief period of time. This not only provides necessary exposure in the industry but also adds valuable experience in the particular field. Many universities also allow visits to their research facilities to permit students learn about latest advancements in science.[Coninue Reading]

IQ Education Consultants not only provide seamless options to study in world’s leading universities during the summer but also offer a great deal of entertaining programs to revitalize students prior to commencement of the next academic session. In addition to this, students also get the chance of visiting various cities all over the world and gain exposure to different cultures.


If you are thinking which summer program might interest you, think no more! Our wide options of summer programs would help you enjoy your summer like never before! Feel free to mail us and we will get back to you in 1 working day.


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