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Career Assessment Test

PsychometricPsychometric tests have been used by experts for a well over 200 years now as a tool for educational psychology. Psychometricians are people who are experts in this field and have the proper knowledge of student understanding. It is mandatory in some countries to appear for this test before a student chooses his/her professional field.

These tests are widely used in two stages of a student's life

  • College Admission – Making sure that the decision made by student goes with his personality
  • Job Application – So that the job application has the aptitude and behaviour that an organization is looking for.

 Psychometric Test

Usually 1 hour long the test is supposed to be taken in isolation. Remember, there are no correct or incorrect answers to any question. Students should not forget the test by not being honest towards themselves. Although there various test available in the market which can easily confuse students and their parents, we focus on the major aspects of judgement.

  • Verbal reasoning : This section usually consists of 30 questions which enable us to understand a students academic, vocabulary logical thought process.

  • Logical reasoning : Based on the questions provided, a student has to analyse the best possible solution. This helps us realize how well a student can inductive and deductively reduce a problem. It also contains multiple complex charts and figures, sentence completion and reading comprehension.

  • Quantitative reasoning : Distributed over a set of 25 questions, quantitative reasoning checks the promptness of a student’s brain. It is derived from topics which compulsory for every student while studying in his school.

  • Managerial judgement: Situation problem solving and leadership abilities are highlighted during this procedure as a student rates the intensity of his answers. For Ex. There are 5 expressions of severity to each question. A student can choose any one of them defining how strongly he agrees or disagrees in the presented situation.

  • Motivational Test : What drives an individual? What do students dream of while growing up and what makes them behave the way they do? All these questions are answered with this set of questions.


Our Psychotericians have a diverse experience and knowledge of interpreting student behaviour and analysing the results of these tests conducted under their supervision. With the results of this test, we can suggest the best possible course and country choice for the student based on their

  • Personality
  • Interest areas
  • Aptitude
  • Abilities

A student has to turn up with no prior preparations for the test to plunge head first into a journey of self discovery escalating their motivation and confidence level. We, at IQ Education monitor the entire process making sure that the results are accurate and dependable.

We help students know their aptitude and what they are good at. Knowing the mind of a student is essential if he or she wants to go abroad to study. To conduct a Psychometric Testing  contact us!